Our Ciders

We have several unique ciders that we know you’ll love. Why don’t you try a flight and pick your favorite?

Mary created a healthy formula for her hard cider only containing 8 grams of carbohydrates and 8 grams of sugar with 280 cal in 16oz servings at 7.35% ABV. To say she was pleased with these laboratory results would be an understatement, since most commercial hard ciders on the market today contain 19-26 grams of sugar in 12 oz. servings. Poochie’s Hooch is easy on the tummy and oh so yummy, because sugar-minded people are able to drink several servings without feeling any after-affects the next morning. Battling her own pre-diabetic health conditions, Mary is able to drink her own Hard Cider!

Using only natural and organic ingredients, it quickly became clear that this cider was special. The light, crisp, low sugar beverage was becoming a favorite at social events, parties, and get-togethers with friends and neighbors.

So how did Mary come up with the unique name for her brand?

It is all about Spot & Poochie!

You would think it’s all about craft hard cider! Or a love for fresh organic natural foods!? Maybe the need to stay away from gluten because of being told you have Celiac Disease, and beer is no long the option in your social settings. Pre-diabetic, so stay away from sugar too?! But no, it all started, and will always be, about these two foster senior bonded-pair girls, Spot & Poochie; who came into my home and my life through Labradors and Friends Dog Rescue, a Southern California non-profit dog rescue. This is really their story, and their journey to tell.

The Passion and Intention

Mary Paulson’s personal mission is to begin a new journey within San Diego community’s craft breweries, wineries and ciders, to become one of the leading cider-makers, and utilizing her status as an advocate and volunteer for dog rescues, primarily with Labradors and Friends Dog Rescue Group by donating a 20% portion of profits from hard ciders to animal rescue charities.

Mary’s business and life philosophy stems from a core belief in possibilities, and in believing that whatever you set your heart and mind out to do in life, you will accomplish your goals. She has proven this to be true by following her passions. First, as a touring and recording artist with two albums, then as a fire fighter retiring after 26 years of service, and as a LPGA Class A Golf Professional, she has accomplished all of her past career goals.

Knowing that when one journey ends, another begins with new goals, new dreams, and new possibilities waiting to be challenged and fulfilled. In 2015, Mary found her life transitioning towards focusing on cider-making and volunteer work. Now her passion is to create great tasting hard cider, volunteer to foster rescue Labrador mixed dogs, and to become an active participant in her community in the Navajo/Grantville district of San Diego, CA.

Senior Bonded-Pair Spot and Poochie: Picture taken just after being dropped off by their family at a High Kill Shelter in Los Angeles ages 8 and 10. by Fusaro Photography

At the age of 50, all of Mary’s past hard work took a toll, her past injuries caught up to her, and health issues became a priority. It was time to take a time out and care for herself for a bit. Mary found herself in physical therapy for 11 months working on all her injuries and starting a new hobby making hard cider. She shared and tested each new recipe and flavor with her PT doctor and massage therapist until each flavor was perfect! Now her focus has become fostering Labradors, rehabilitating from her injuries, and making hard ciders subsequently naming it, Poochie’s Hooch!

Poochie’s Hooch is named after a foster Labrador mix dog named Poochie. She came to the rescue group as half of a senior bonded pair. Today, sadly, her mate, Spot, has passed on and Poochie left us on September 25th at 11 years old, to reunite with Spottie once again forever together. They will be considered a “Foster Failure”. Mary plans to give 20% gross profits to Labradors & Friends Dog Rescue each year as a business charity, specifically to aid special funding for medical aid, medications, food and bedding for senior dogs.

This hard working woman will guarantee that the money spent at Poochie’s Hooch Urban Cidery will be used tenfold for years to come in paying forward and giving to charities for animal rights, and specifically caring for senior dogs who are dumped in shelters by their “families” because they are too old or sick; moving away without them, divorce, marriage, children, or just don’t want to be responsible for their pet any more. Rescue groups, like Labradors and Friends, pull these dogs out of High Kill Shelters and give them help, dignity, and hopefully, new loving families and homes every day. In 2015, LAFDR rescued 401 dogs in need. In 2016 another 400+ dogs, and teamed up across the country to rescue 4 full rescue planes to San Diego of stranded dogs and cats from the Harvey Floods in Texas to Louisiana. But in the cases like Poochie and her bond-mate Spot, which are many, they are held in safe boarding facilities, or hopefully a loving foster home until they are adopted, or sadly cross over the rainbow bridge in loving arms.

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